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Personal training for brains not bodies
Rebecca Oliver at RocketMill provides a testimonial for Ginger Dog Development

"Sarah’s skills and expertise have brought volumes of positive change to RocketMill and our staff. The team trust her and value her support, taking on board her techniques and bringing these into practice in their everyday lives. Sarah has worked with our business for a few years now and become a fundamental addition, thanks to her monthly coaching sessions and business-wide talks."

Rebecca Oliver, RocketMill HR Manager

As an SME how do you develop your people to be the best they can be? Maybe you’re growing and you want your people to grow too.  Maybe you’re already perfectly formed yet you want to develop your people and keep your competitive edge.

The problem is that as a smaller business the options for developing people are limited. Traditional open programmes where you send one or two people to an external provider are a costly way of developing people with no guarantee that you’re going to get exactly what you need because the trainer is trying to meet the needs of everyone in the room.  And in-house training models probably don’t fit you very well because unless you have 10 – 12 people who all need the same development you’re not getting cost effective development for your team. Perhaps you’ve considered online learning because that offers you the flexibility of providing individual development at lower cost but the take up is low, engagement is poor and it’s really difficult to gauge the return on investment.


At Ginger Dog Development we have created a people development model that’s just perfect for SMEs.  We call it Personal Training because it’s tailored to the individual, focused on their needs at that particular moment in time and delivers results.

Ginger Dog Personal Training is:
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Delivered by your personal training coach who will get to know your people and your business

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Just in time – people learn what they need when they need it and can apply it immediately Agile – grows with your people and your business. Relevant regardless of role changes, strategy shifts

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Accessible – available to everyone in your business

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Bespoke – tailored and specific to whatever the individual needs, whatever level they are at

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Cost effective – there’s a package to suit you whatever your size or maturity

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A core tool for retaining great people – you can genuinely offer great development as part of the package


You get a Ginger Dog personal training coach as often as you would like one – for most SMEs once a month is a good starting point but we’ll discuss this with you.  All our coaches are learning and development professionals with business backgrounds so they bring with them a wealth of knowledge, skill and expertise that they can share with your team members.  That’s why we call it personal training – it’s one to one facilitated learning working with whatever is going on for that person at the time - a presentation or meeting that’s coming up, developing self-confidence, handling a conflict that has arisen, preparing for a tough conversation that needs to happen, prioritising tasks, creating a work life balance…

Our Personal Training model is unique to Ginger Dog Development and tried and tested.  We know it works and we’d love to work with you.

RocketMill are in the '2019 Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to Work For' list
RocketMill are an independent data-driven performance media agency based in Brighton.

Recently awarded Sunday Times 12th Best Small Company to Work For, RocketMill are very clear about what’s important to them. Their ethos is to put people first – their clients, their client’s customers and their own people. 
In their words Profit is not a priority, it’s the result of doing everything else right.’

Part of doing everything else right and putting people at the heart of their business is the work that we do together.  Sarah originally met Sam Garrity, MD of RocketMill to talk about coaching an individual in his management team but as she described the power of coaching and the sort of development coaching can create for individuals an idea was sparked.  What if rather than offering this to one person we offer it to everyone at RocketMill?  At Ginger Dog Development we love a bold idea so we said let’s try it and Ginger Dog Personal Training was born.

Every month RocketMill get a resident coach for as many days as they need. Whoever wants to see the coach can book a slot and in that time they explore whatever subject is most pressing for them at that time.  Slots are booked up in advance and the sessions are popular so there’s often a waitlist.  RocketMill are very clear that coaching is there for the whole person not just the 9-5 employee so sometimes people bring challenges from outside work too.

In this way people get what they need in terms of development at the time that they need it.  There’s no ‘sheep dipping’ and putting everyone through the same course. It’s tailored to each individual regardless of what level they are at in the business.  No boxes need to be ticked or reports completed, no one has to do it and yet there is often a waiting list because people find it hugely valuable.

It’s personal training for brains not bodies – tailored, focused and timely. It’s putting people first.

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