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Working with Sarah

Sarah Rudder - Founder of Ginger Dog Development

I’m Sarah Rudder, the founder of Ginger Dog Development, and I also offer a deeper leadership and personal development practice focused on Mental Toughness.

I came across the concept of Mental Toughness at a time when I was going through some tough stuff myself. In the space of a few months, I’d left my marriage and home in France and returned to the UK to start the next chapter of my life. 


I was struggling with anxiety, uncertainty and the loss of all of my self-confidence.  And in the midst of that, a moment of serendipity offered me the opportunity to explore the world of Mental Toughness for a leadership programme I was designing.  This work enabled me to not only see my strengths really clearly, at a time when I felt terribly weak, but provided access to a whole kit of pragmatic tools that I used to rebuild myself. 


In many ways Mental Toughness saved me.  


Mental Toughness is not about being bulletproof, becoming emotionless or never feeling fear. Rather it is our ability to feel all of those things and manage them.  It’s our ability to learn and grow from the adversity. It’s about human resourcefulness and living up to our potential.

You will already be using yours regularly, but you may not identify it as Mental Toughness or know how you might develop it.


You teach best what you most need to learn

~ Richard Bach, Illusions ~ 

How I Help Others

Mental Toughness was life changing for me, so I became accredited in the profile and tools and started to teach others the techniques I myself had thrived from using. I began to work with individuals and organisations looking to make positive changes to their mindset.

I have worked with and coached leaders and team members in forward-thinking global organisations including Bloom & Wild and Water Aid as well as influential associations such as The National Association of Headteachers. 

Some of the ways I have helped them and can help you:

  • Engaging, interactive online and face to face small group workshops 

  • Webinars to introduce the concept to wider audiences

  • Coaching at all levels

  • Bespoke programmes combining workshops, action learning, coaching and practice

  • Mentally tough team building

My focus on Mental Toughness allows me to offer a deeper practice. I deliver webinars, workshops and programmes all focused on enabling people to get out of their own way, stop self-sabotaging and build more useful programming for their work and personal lives.  Organisations benefit by creating individuals and teams who are more productive, more resourceful and able to take on the challenges of growth and change.

Roxi Jahanshahi.jpeg

"Sarah delivered an extremely authentic, thoughtful and engaging session on Mental Toughness for You Make It. She is a fantastic facilitator with a real passion and skill in both raising awareness of and celebrating resilience."

Roxi Jahanshahi, Programmes Manager at You Make It

What Others Say

The last six months have, without doubt, been the toughest of my life across both private and work life. For me the change to the working environment created feelings of anger and frustration.   The game changer, for me anyway was the first session you ran.

But not how I expected, as an engineer, and a mechanical one at that I know fixing things is simply a case of using the right tool. 


I simply expected you to tell me how to fix how I was feeling.  Easy peasy. So it came as a bit of a shock when you didn’t, in fact it was a disappointment.


But, it did make me think and question my own feelings, which doesn’t come easy.


Yesterday’s session has further expanded on that questioning, and probably more importantly the understanding that the answer lies within.  I’ll be using those techniques to question myself and change my habits.

Programme attendee September 2020

Make it Happen

An adventurer in life and learning, my approach offers a thought provoking, practical, authentic and human connection that gently guides you to unlock your strengths and power your own potential.

Born from my own experiences in life, I bring empathy, understanding and a sense of fun whilst providing you with pragmatic tools to ensure you can put all that you learn into practice.


I look forward to connecting with you,


Sarah is available for public speaking, workshops, corporate programmes and collaborations on Mental Toughness.

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