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Navigating the New Normal - a virtual workshop for greater resourcefulness

This 90 minute interactive online workshop offers the opportunity to build greater resilience and resourcefulness in challenging times. Drawing on many years of specialising in mental toughness we've handpicked the best tools for the times we're living in and brought them together in a workshop that enables participants to explore what's going on for them right now and take away some tools to enable them to be their most effective and resourceful in the days ahead.

Content includes:

  • Navigating our emotional landscape at the moment - understanding stress, threat response and normalising some of this. Creating rituals for self care and greater effectiveness

  • Meet your chimp and explore ways to manage it

  • Noticing the stories we tell ourselves when times are tough

  • Tapping into logical and rational thinking to create greater resourcefulness

  • Dealing with overwhelm and finding focus

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