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Mental Health Awareness Week May 13th to 19th 2019

Mental Health Awareness Week is 2 weeks away - what plans have you made in your business? Maybe you have already created a culture where mental health and employee wellbeing is something that people talk about with ease. Perhaps your business has signed the Time to Change pledge and has a clearly defined action plan for reducing stigma and normalising mental health conversations. Or perhaps you're doing some things that support wellbeing but haven't yet created a clear strategy for mental health in your workplace. Whatever your situation Mental Health Awareness Week is a good opportunity to focus or refocus your thinking about this important topic.

In order to make life easy we are offering two ready made 1 hour workshops during the week and would love to run one or both of them in your workplace.

Mental Toughness for the Modern World invites people to explore the concept of mental toughness and take away a few tools to develop it for themselves. Mental toughness takes us beyond resilience - where resilient people can bounce back from difficulties, mental toughness enables us to be at our best every day. With roots in sports psychology it's now taking the business world by storm and people we work with tell us that the results are often life changing for them. In this workshop we'll look at some tools for increasing confidence, reducing anxiety, maintaining focus and creating commitment.

Our second workshop is on Mental Health Awareness and can be tailored specifically for managers or employees. This workshop starts a conversation about the stigma attached to mental health and offers ideas for when and how to start a conversation with someone about their mental health.

So, if you've left it late to plan for MHAW or don't know where to start we've got your back and still have some availability for running workshops that week and the week after. We'd love to hear from you.

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