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Ginger Dog Toolkits – Our Online Workshops

Join one of our online 'toolkit' workshops and you can expect:

  • A workshop not a webinar – all our work together is interactive. We use all the capability of Zoom to enable us to facilitate just like we would if we were in the room together.  You can expect to join group discussions, breakouts and use whiteboards throughout the session

  • Content that’s relevant to right now – we are living and working during the same times as you are and creating new content to support you to deal with the challenges you’re currently facing

  • Expert facilitator led – our workshops are live and led by real people with great business backgrounds and loads of knowledge who will work with you in an engaging way

  • Pragmatic tools – every workshop is designed to enable you to take away real, practical ways of doing things more effectively

  • Networking – our workshops are open to anyone from any organisation so you won’t just be working with people you already know. There will be a chance to meet and hear about what’s happening in other businesses

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