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    Ginger Dog founder Sarah Rudder describes herself as an adventurer in life and learning. Determined to end up as a really interesting old lady she’s as passionate about learning new things and stretching her own comfort zone as she is about supporting others to do this. A specialist in developing mental toughness she loves a challenge and is more likely to be found long distance hiking or riding her motorbike than on her sofa.  She’s fascinated by confidence and self esteem, the impact this can have on our ability and how we self sabotage. 


    With a background working in senior positions in Sales, Management and as L&D Manager for 2 worldwide insurance companies and a global engineering and electrical systems company Colin brings a real practical edge and energy to his programmes . He believes that traditional training has its place but takes a broader view of L&D. What really excites him is taking a challenging interactive approach based on experiential learning, using innovative ideas and interventions to create dynamic, memorable and effective learning experiences that stretch and challenge people to achieve more. A  skilled facilitator and trained coach he works with teams and individuals to develop their potential. His enthusiasm and versatility enable him to identify and engage with delegates regardless of their level in the organisation. Outside of work Colin is Director of Rugby at his local club, so understands well the importance of teamwork and leadership and of course having some fun along the way!


    Fiona has worked in Learning and Development since 2002 and believes training should be interactive, engaging and thought-provoking.  She likes to challenge the group, in a supportive and informal way. Fiona is adept at working with different cultures and she's skilled at building rapport and trust with the groups she works with. Since 2008 Fiona has specialised in Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Wellbeing and is an advanced practitioner of EI and an ILM level 7 Executive Coach. When she’s not working Fiona is dedicated to her own wellbeing and can mostly be found in the gym but she also loves a spa day and walks in the fresh autumn air.


    People often ask Jon what it was like stood on the floor of Mission Control in Houston. His answer? Pretty similar to Line Control in Euston or being up a mountain. Interesting places seeing fun things with the potential for it all to go wrong pretty quickly. Having worked for a variety of operational businesses Jon knows that the technology should always be secondary to the human but he’s also aware that we forget that. His own experience of living and working with a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder seems to be of interest to people currently but again it just comes back to being human. For him the best moments are when people say “This is going to sound crazy but….” – that’s when the good stuff happens.


    Doug has over 20 years of experience in learning and development and works with a broad range of clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. He designs and delivers engaging programmes in leadership and management, talent programmes, team development and is a qualified coach. He is passionate about the long-term development of people, both adults and children. One of his proudest achievements was helping the school where he was a governor and co-chair to shape and maintain its purpose to “inspire lifelong learning for our children” and seeing this recognised by parents, staff and school inspectors. He also loves to learn and communicate in other languages, which helps him build great relationships with people from different cultures.


    Chris has nearly 20 years’ experience as a trainer, facilitator and coach, and has a sincere and genuine love of learning. He specialises in leadership and management development and personal effectiveness, designing and delivering a wide variety of interventions for all levels of staff up to senior leadership teams. His passion is driven by an interest in people and helping them to flourish, thrive and be curious in the challenging situations they find themselves. His travels around the globe have helped develop his fascination with the similarities and differences that people have across cultures and what drives them to come together to succeed. Chris also has a deep interest in music and film, so he loves nothing more than a sweeping, cinematic widescreen shot set to dramatic music, which is then refined to focus on an intricate, detailed close-up. This is an approach he always strives to recreate in his work!

  • JUNO

    Juno has many years experience as a ginger dog but absolutely no experience in business or learning and development.  She has however been on some significant adventures with Sarah and has taught her many lessons in leadership and life.

    As the inspiration and poster dog for Ginger Dog Development she ensures that we remember our core principles of staying curious, making connections, trusting our instincts and having a whole lot of fun every day. She runs our stress management fundamentals workshop ‘Be More Dog’.

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