Introduction to Leadership
with Chris Steer

Have you begun to take on new leadership responsibilities or feel that you need to refresh your approach to effectively lead your team?  This session will help you begin to explore three key areas to drive the success of your team and be able to face your challenges together.

  • Adapting your leadership style to succeed in different situations

  • Developing an effective team to achieve your goals

  • Motivating individuals to grow and flourish in their role

COURSE DATE: 09/03/2021 - 90 MINUTES - 09:30 - 11AM


ONLINE DETAILS: You will receive a ZOOM link when you book.

Chris Steer - Ginger Dog Development


Chris has nearly 20 years’ experience as a trainer, facilitator and coach, and has a sincere and genuine love of learning. He specialises in leadership and management development and personal effectiveness, designing and delivering a wide variety of interventions for all levels of staff up to senior leadership teams. His passion is driven by an interest in people and helping them to flourish, thrive and be curious in the challenging situations they find themselves. His travels around the globe have helped develop his fascination with the similarities and differences that people have across cultures and what drives them to come together to succeed. Chris also has a deep interest in music and film, so he loves nothing more than a sweeping, cinematic widescreen shot set to dramatic music, which is then refined to focus on an intricate, detailed close-up. This is an approach he always strives to recreate in his work!