Emotional Intelligence
with Fiona Doran-Smith

Is Emotional Intelligence (EI) the be all and end all? No. Is it more important than IQ? No. Is it all about being “fluffy and emotional”? No. (It) EI is (however) vital if we want to have engaged teams, to make better decisions, to improve our productivity and results and have positive wellbeing.  On this engaging and thought provoking workshop you will learn:

  • What Emotional Intelligence really is

  • Why it is so important for us as individuals, as managers and as leaders

  • How to utilise your Emotional Intelligence and experience its benefits

COURSE DATE: 25/02/2021 - 90 MINUTES - 10:00 - 11.30AM


ONLINE DETAILS: You will receive a ZOOM link when you book.

Fiona Doran-Smith - Ginger Dog Development

Fiona has worked in Learning and Development since 2002 and believes training should be interactive, engaging and thought-provoking.  She likes to challenge the group, in a supportive and informal way. Fiona is adept at working with different cultures and she's skilled at building rapport and trust with the groups she works with. Since 2008 Fiona has specialised in Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Wellbeing and is an advanced practitioner of EI and an ILM level 7 Executive Coach. When she’s not working Fiona is dedicated to her own wellbeing and can mostly be found in the gym but she also loves a spa day and walks in the fresh autumn air.