Assert yourself
with Sarah Rudder

Do you find it difficult to speak up in meetings? Do you often say yes when you’d really like to say no? Asserting yourself can be difficult if you don’t know how.  In this 90 minute workshop we’ll explore the different behaviours and give you some real practical tools to assert yourself more effectively.

  • What is assertiveness?

  • How does it differ from aggressive, passive and other behaviours

  • Ways of being more assertive in your daily and working life

COURSE DATE: 18/03/2021 - 90 MINUTES - 09:30 - 11AM


ONLINE DETAILS: You will receive a ZOOM link when you book.

Sarah Rudder - Ginger Dog Development

Ginger Dog founder Sarah Rudder describes herself as an adventurer in life and learning. Determined to end up as a really interesting old lady she’s as passionate about learning new things and stretching her own comfort zone as she is about supporting others to do this. A specialist in developing mental toughness she loves a challenge and is more likely to be found long distance hiking or riding her motorbike than on her sofa.  She’s fascinated by confidence and self esteem, the impact this can have on our ability and how we self sabotage.